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 I specialize in Victorian and Edwardian fashion, offering high quality custom and pre-made reproduction garments, corsets, and movie costumes. I have been designing, sewing, and selling Victorian and Edwardian reproduction garments for the past 10 years. I have worked with Opera houses as well as private societies, models, and have loyal repeat customers all over the world. I have also won several prizes for my Victorian gowns.

 Although I specialize in the Victorian era I make gowns from all eras.

 I have an extensive collection of original patterns and dresses/clothing from the late Victorian era and love to study dresses that unfortunately havenít held up too well over the years and turn them into patterns and recreate them in beautiful fabrics and laces. I love to recreate dresses as close to the original as possible, whether it is a movie costume or an original Victorian garment, and spend countless hours researching and studying the object of interest and related media.

 I also make gowns from CDVs, fashion plates, pictures, and drawings, so if you have a design you have fallen in love with, just send me an email and I am sure we can work together to create a one-of-a-kind dream gown custom designed just for you! If you have any questions at all, please donít hesitate to email me at


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I am currently available to take orders for spring/summer 2009. Please order early as I only have a limited number of openings available

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oct1308d.jpg (151785 bytes)      This dress is based upon an original dress I have in my collection from 1877-1882, the natural form era.

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Alisafront1.jpg (58408 bytes)      Civil War gown made from a fashion plate. Made with yards of organza, lots of silk flowers & leaves.

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marie3.jpg (178950 bytes)      Georgian/18th century era gown, made entirely of black and red brocade with lots of pinked edge trims.

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