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                                                                                                           The Swing by Jean-Honoré Fragonard









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Marie Antoinette Style Gown
#MA01 - Price: 1295+ S&I

This absolutely stunning gown will be made in your choice of fabrics. If you prefer silk there will be a price increase depending on type of silk and availability.

  The robe is mainly made of one color while the underskirt is a contrasting color, can off course be the same if preferred. Front "stomacher" has been trimmed with three bows. While the sides of the robe and neckline has been trimmed with yards and yards of pinked and gathered fabric, and laid into a very attractive and commonly seen pattern on original dresses from the era. The sleeves have been beautifully trimmed with three layers of fabric and lace. The bodice is fully lined and underlined entirely with 100% cotton fabric and is boned with steel boning.
 The front of the underskirt has a gathered trim with pinked edges forming small swags.

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