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Here are answers to some of the most common questions I get.
If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me. No question is silly or insignificant. Please do ask about whatever is on your mind, whether it be about a custom order or just curiosity. I would love to help with anything you might wonder about.


Do I have to use the proper undergarments like corsets etc?

If you would like the proper period look you should, but no one can force you to wear anything you don't want to. A corset is the most important undergarment, as it supports and creates a smooth shape to your bodice and helps replicate the silhouette of the period. I do also recommend a pair of open crotch drawers and a chemise for under your corset, but a rib knit tank top would work also to prevent your corset from being soiled and pressed right against your skin. A wire bustle and hoop skirt is essential if you want a dress from either period.

Can I supply my own fabrics?

I do not accept fabrics from customers unless I pre-approve it first. If we do decide to use your fabrics a 10% discount of the purchase price will be deducted. I will let you know how much material is needed for your design.

Can I see the fabrics in person before deciding?

When you order a dress I will send you samples of fabrics through the mail as colors on computers vary and I want you to see the real material before starting, unless the material is a custom order and is something I don't have in stock. The best way to find an appropriate fabric would be if you told me the colors you prefer and I can make a few suggestions based on what is currently available

Why are your garments so expensive?

Remember these are not mass produced in a factory. These are all hand made by me and they are custom made to fit your specific measurements, which require a lot of pattern constructing to ensure proper fit, attention to details and sometimes countless hours with hand sewing. Only the best fabrics, trims and embellishments are used and I sometimes custom order fabrics and trims which can be costly. These a high quality garments and not costumes and will last you a life time with proper care.

Can I have my garment in less than 8 weeks?

Sure, if my schedule allows it, but it falls under the category "Rush Order". With rush orders a 30% increase in price will be added to the original purchase price. For beaded and hand embroidered garments a 50% increase will be added.

Can I cancel my order?

If you cancel your order within the first 72 hours I will give you a full refund. But any time beyond that for any reason and you will forfeit your 30% deposit for time invested in creating custom patterns, material purchased etc.

My garment needs to be adjusted.

ONE (1) free adjustment/alteration is included in a custom made garment as long as it is not a major alteration and it is due to inaccurate measurements on your part. Customer are responsible for shipping cost both ways. If you need more than a minor adjustment due to changes in your measurements or inaccurate measurements, additional fees will apply based upon the changes needed.


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